The goal of Dialogyca BDDH (Biblioteca Digital de Diálogo Hispánico) is to progressively provide the corpus of all Hispanic literary dialogues written in the different languages of the Peninsula, including Latin-based, Spanish-Hebrew and Spanish-Moorish. During this first phase, we have concentrated especially on the dialogues of the 15th and 16th centuries.

Each data sheet or record corresponds to a single dialogue for which the following information is provided: data on the authorship and literary characteristics, primary bibliography, secondary bibliography and, in addition, the reproduction of the witness most relevant for the transmission of the text. Thus, when the dialogue on one record is part of a volume along with another type of text or other dialogues, two data sheets have been created. Both of these have internal links to make the consultation easier: one link is for the dialogue and other is for the book in which it appears. The project is open to all interested researchers. To facilitate collaboration, the team has developed a set of user guidelines or Handbook of Standard Procedures (Plan de Trabajo Normalizado).

Target audience

Dialogyca BDDH is aimed at researchers and people interested in a wide variety of specialities, since dialogue is a genre that has served for the transmission of information from all of the branches of knowledge: philosophy, medicine, engineering, spirituality, astronomy, etc. The purpose is to provide the community with comprehensive, coherent, stable and rigorously prepared information created with the tools of philology.


There are two types of access: A) Free: for those wishing to access general information about the work, and B) Restricted: for researchers who would also like to consult more specialised documents (digitised text, bibliographic descriptions and secondary bibliographies).

How to reference Dialogyca BDDH

How to reference the entire database and Digital Library: Dialogyca BDDH. Biblioteca Digital de Diálogo Hispánico [on line] http://……….. [Consultation date]

How to cite specific information relating to a dialogue using the identification code of the corresponding record: BDDH45 in Dialogyca BDDH. Biblioteca Digital de Diálogo Hispánico [on line] http://……….. [Consultation date].